Legal Guidance With A Personal Touch


“Kristen was referred to me by a mutual friend and I am beyond appreciative for everything she has done for me during one of the more challenging times of my life. When I needed her professional advice, she was there. When I needed support, she was there. Through tireless litigations, she operated with the end result being to my benefit. You won’t be disappointed if you hire her to represent you. Thank you for everything, Kristen!”
Melissa, Client




“If you are looking for the right person for the right job then call Kristen! When running a business or several for that matter, you do not have time to waste or time to chase people. She is our go to girl! I email and or call over to her office and she calls me when it is all done. From traffic tickets and DOT stuff from our employees to real estate transaction and my favorite, COLLECTIONS. Do not waste time she makes it look easy and painless. Her firm has saved my organization thousands of dollars. She does not disappoint!!”
William, Client


“I was facing a list of tickets for a vehicle I didn’t own. Kristen Cahill took my file and resolved it with the courts within 24 hours. I can’t express enough my gratitude for their advocacy. Saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours.”
Pablo, Client


“Kristen is absolutely amazing. Great personal attention and always goes above and beyond. These guys get the job done and prices are always fair. Highly recommend.”
Jason, Client


“I used Kristen Cahill for the purchase of my house. I was really happy with the knowledge and professionalism she had in dealing with the long process of buying a home. I was especially grateful when she went above and beyond to help us with any issues that arose and handled them quickly! Thank you!”
John, Client


“One of the best attorneys in New York she was fabulous with handling my divorce. She was on top of every issue. Highly recommend her”
Dominick, Client


“This law firm is Great! They are very attentive to detail and ready to go to bat for you. Great job done with my legal issues. Thanks”
Paul, Client


“Awesome work and help with my ticket”
Jane, Client


“I haven’t had a driver’s license for over 10 years. I live in NYC so I had gotten used to using public transportation but, in 2020, since the pandemic hit the city hard, I became very uncomfortable with riding buses and trains. I decided that it was time for me to clear my driving record. I paid off all of my old tickets and learned that because it had been so long since my suspension that I would have to go through the entire process to get my license back…permit…5 hour prep course and road test. GRRRRRRR. It took months to get an online appointment but, I finally took my test for a learner’s permit, passed and was prepared to move on to the next step. However, the clerk at the DMV told me that they could not issue my permit until I cleared up an old summons from way back in 2008 which I had allegedly received in Suffolk County. Because of the pandemic, I was having an extremely difficult time getting in contact with the courts. I decided to reach out to Kristen Cahill, Esq. to see if she could help. I spoke with Kristen and she told me that she could definitely help. She was very experienced and answered all of my questions about what I needed to do which put my mind at ease. She got me a court date faster than I had even dared hope for. She represented me in the courts since it would be very difficult for me to get all the way out to Suffolk from where I live. I paid my fines to cleared the fees I owed the courts. Even after the clerk at the Suffolk courthouse made a mistake and didn’t properly lift the suspension, Kristen went the very next day and straightened it out as soon as I let her know that something was still wrong. I’m grateful for all of their help and after over ten years, I’m finally back on the road.”
Keith, Client